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At Aabal Heating & Cooling, we offer a variety of services that include annual maintenance checks, chimney modifications, conversions, repairs and replacements, and troubleshooting. Rely on us for all your heating & cooling services in Chicagoland.

Annual Maintenance Checks

Properly serviced equipment will last longer and run more efficiently. In addition to your main appliance, many accessories require annual maintenance. We can perform these checks while the main appliance is being serviced to save you time and money.

Rely on Our Contractors for Equipment-Specific HVAC Services in Chicagoland

Aabal Heating & Cooling offers a variety of HVAC equipment services to Chicagoland residents and business owners. These include annual maintenance, heat conversions, chimney services, repairs of all sizes, equipment replacement, and troubleshooting.

Annual Maintenance Service for Furnaces

We offer a multi-point inspection and cleaning process for furnaces that includes the following:

Air Filter

  • Clean or advise replacement

Blower Bearing

  • Lubricate

Blower Belt and Pulleys

  • Condition and test tension


  • Check orifices and air shutters
  • Check flame color and quality

Chimney Base (If Applicable)

  • Conduct basic cleaning
  • Check for draft and proper venting

Draft Inducer Motor

  • Clean
  • Lubricate
  • Calibrate
Electrical Connections and Components

  • Check temperature rise

Fan/Blower Motor

  • Lubricate
  • Check airflow

Flu Pipe (Interior Section)

  • Check pitch
  • Check seams
  • Check draft

Heat Exchanger

  • Clean
  • Check structural integrity
  • Test for combustion leaks
Pilot Assembly

  • Check orifices and hood position

Pilot Ignition System

  • Check thermocouples
  • Check sensor position
  • Check flame color and quality

Annual Maintenance Service for Boilers

We offer comprehensive inspections that includes the following:

Blower Bearing

  • Check flame color and quality
  • Check pump limit and control


  • Check draft and back draft


  • Inspect hatch

Circulating Pump

  • Lubricate motor
  • Check bearings

Electrical Connections

  • Check control and power circuits

Expansion Tank

  • Check fitting and bleed
Flu Pipe

  • Check pitch
  • Check seams
  • Check interior section

Make-Up Water Line

  • Test manual on/off valve
  • Inspect make-up feeder valve

Pilot Assembly

  • Check orifices
  • Check hood position

Pilot Ignition System

  • Check thermocouples
  • Check sensor position
Pressure Relief Valve

  • Check condition
  • Check drip tube


  • Level
  • Clean
  • Calibrate

Tri-Indicator Gauge

  • Check condition
  • Check Aquastat and limit settings
  • Check burners

Chimney Repair and Modification

Ensuring proper venting of dangerous combustion byproducts is a primary concern for all HVAC professionals. Aabal Heating & Cooling can ensure combustion byproducts vent properly and do not become a safety hazard.
This may require modifying an existing chimney or utilizing equipment with direct vent capabilities. Not only do we offer chimney repair, we also install new liners

Duct Cleaning

Your HVAC ducts and vents can often get neglected for years building up dust, debris, bugs and more. You end up breathing in much of this build up that can cause health and allergy problems. Aabal Heating & Cooling can clean out your ducts giving your home safer, cleaner air to breathe.


Have you seen windows open in your building in the middle of winter to regulate the temperature? If you have a multi-unit apartment building with only one heating plant, it can be hard to hold each of your tenant’s accountable for his or her individual energy use. With fuel prices so high, just paying the mortgage, taxes, and gas bill can deplete your monthly budget. The simple solution is individual heat.

Give your tenants the responsibility of paying their own gas bill. Then, if they want to keep their apartment 85° in the dead of winter, it won’t bother their neighbors and your finances won’t suffer. A conversion investment pays for itself within a few years. Simply use the money you save on the gas bill to pay for the conversion.

Repairs and Replacements

Our experienced contractors handle repairs for all makes and models of HVAC equipment.
Eventually, your current equipment will need to be replaced. Ensuring the right size unit is installed is a significant part of the replacement process. The old theory that bigger equipment is better no longer has merit. Modern equipment is designed to run for a set amount of time and then not be used for a period of time.
We perform a load calculation to find the right size equipment, instead of replacing your equipment with a model of the same size. When it comes time to replace, it is wise to purchase energy-efficient equipment. Because energy prices continue to increase, energy-efficient options are the best way to keep your investment cost-effective in the long run.


Even with regular maintenance, equipment can still fail or fall short. Our basic service charge covers any minor problems. If new parts or major repairs are required, the service charge goes toward the repair work directly.

For these or other heating & cooling services, call our Chicagoland contractors.

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For these and other heating and cooling services, call our Chicagoland contractors